Remote control Tatami lift table save space JC35TM2

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Anti-collision function: 360° no dead angle anti-clamp. 24V safe voltage:the human body touchable voltage is 24V. 2.4G remote controller:The remote controller uses automatic frequency modulation technology and will not interfere with each other. *The lifting design of the lifting table makes the room without other complicated furniture or exaggerated decorations, and the overall decoration style is simple and generous; it also allows the room to expand the indoor space to a large extent in the original building area; the tatami platform is made into multiple lattice spaces or Storage in the form of drawers also effectively saves space. *This kind of elevator-mounted room can truly make our room multi-purpose, integrating storage, entertainment, study and rest. Raise the lifting table, the room can be used as a study, tea room, receiving friends to play cards, chat, etc., lower the lifting table, it can be used as a children’s leisure room, do not worry about bumps, or spread a thin quilt and can be used as a guest room .*Current tatami lift tables are mostly operated by electric lifts, which can be operated by remote control, with low noise, large telescopic range, stable operation, beautiful appearance, simple installation and convenient operation. The convenient operation of the tatami lifting table allows the owner to design the interior space at will, avoiding the unchanging situation of traditional decoration. *The combination of elevator and platform allows us to make more use of the ground space for decoration. Almost all multi-functional space design and decoration must use platforms with lifting functions. At the same time there is room under the base to accommodate the user’s legs. Technical specifications:
Max push capacity(N) 1000  
Max pull capacity(N) 1000  
Static load(N) 1000  
Load speed(N) 14mm/s  
Min height 310  
Max height 730  
Packaging 350*350*500  
Weight 18kg  
Noise level Less than 55dB  
Surface Power painting/oxidation  
Plate size 295*295  
Duty cycle 2 minutes continues use followed by 18 minutes not in use
IP grade IP54   
Ambient temperature +5℃~+40℃   
Certification CE/UL   

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